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The address of the warehouse in Riga:

Jūrmalas gatve 144 d, Riga, Latvia
Phone: +371 29494927, +371 29505607
E-mail: danfort2008@inbox.lv
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  • Our warehouse in Riga
    Our warehouse in Riga

One of our company's activities is the sale of profile products made from coniferous trees' (siberian larch, cedar, pine, spruce) and deciduous trees' (aspen, alder) species.









From the warehouses in Riga and Jelgava, for the internal and external decoration with the transparent coating we offer you:

-Molded Boards;
-Block-house ;
-Wall Elements;
-Casing, Plinth;
-Molded Boards from Aspen and Alder for Sauna.


All types of products are always available at our company's warehouses in Riga and Jelgava.

PVA glue with water resistance according to DIN EN 204 - D 4 is used in glued products.
The products are dry, humidity: 10-12%
Discounts are possible, we have our own transport.
There is also a possibility for export with the volume not less than 40 m³.